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FYCL #4: Bromance is the new pink.

FYCL #4, click to listen, etc, you know the drill.

Dubious advice one day early because SJ is going to the movies. Dubious advice highlights include comments on dressing your daughter, dealing with envy of your more successful friends, making new friends (possibly because you can’t stand your older, more successful ones, who knows), if and how to broach the subject of your affair with the spouse of your lover, making friends online, and our awesome new mini-segment, Dubious Sex Toy of the Week.

Here’s your list of links to things we talked about.

  • Mark Bittman makes corn salad.
  • Funny time-waster websites we enjoyed this week: Probably Bad News for funny news reports and typos, funny repairs on There, I Fixed it, funny stuff yoinked from Facebook on lamebook, and Tweeting too hard, which does the same for twitter.
  • For less dubious news, Wonkette.
  • Sex toy non-recommendations, click at own risk, definitely not safe for work, the prudish or the easily bewildered: the strange thing nicknamed the Frankenfucker and the “authentic” vampire penis from Tantus.

Closing music is “Thank You” by Dido, because it’s the SJ and the Egg Bromance Theme Song. Die, haterz.

Also, if you need reminding, the pale green pants with nobody inside them.

pale green pants