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Introducing Bossy the Cow.

Actually, I mentioned her earlier when she favoured me with her delightful email of helpfulness about how I seemed to have overlooked opening up Blackboard for the class she is in.

Bossy is constantly adding her less than helpful comments in class (when she shows up, that is) which often include providing us with slightly incorrect information on topics we discussed last class (when she was absent). She always has an answer for any question I have in class, and naturally it is never an answer of any use whatsoever.

Bossy has also taken a class with Professor Algernon, who makes up the rules of MLA to suit himself. This is starting to really piss me off, as Bossy is the 4th student of his I have had who tells me about how if “you are writing on, like, only one story, you don’t need citation.” Yes, you fucking well do. If for no other reason than you SUCK at MLA and need the practice.

She pretty much pushed me over the edge the other day when I was ranting about how my Chair, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to save wear-and-tear on the departmental secretaries by no longer allowing them to take in assignments from students. Now, it is all very well acting in the interests of getting them to do other work, which I am sure is Very Important (TM), but what am I to do about the liars, asstards and wankers? You know they will be spinning me a line about how they emailed their paper last week.

My solution is to tell students that until they have confirmation that their papers are in my hand (via, and I shudder as I say this, the digital dropbox on Blackboard, if they fail to come to class), they have to regard the paper issue as their problem. I refuse to take responsibility for vapour papers.

I explain this sternly, so as to make it clear I mean it. Bossy pipes up with “Well, you know, other profs have a policy where they let you email the paper to show it was done by the date and then you hand in the hard copy later.” I know they do, and it seems to me to be the worst of both worlds, and so I say “Yeah, no.” Which, apparently is not the way to talk to Bossy because she then pipes up with “Did you just mean to say ‘no’ to me?” The only response to this is a glare, which I give. No doubt I will get a note on my facial expressions next class.