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FYCL #3, the leaky radiator edition.

FYCL #3, click to listen, etc, you know the drill.

Dubious advice on when to have children, Montessori school, censorship (or not) on the internets, the etiquette of oversharing, body image and advertising, and the nexus of blogging and rubbernecking.

Links to stuff we talked about:

Apologies again for problems with audio quality, including, but not limited to, my cat who kept opening the creaky door. SJ’s headset might be dying, and her volume is a little up and down. I feel like every week I learn new things, but for every issue we fix, a new one crops up. Hey, this is a venture in its infancy.

Music this week at the end of the podcast is “Love, Etc.” by the Pet Shop Boys, and our theme music is the FYCL Podcast Theme, specially composed by our in-house musician, who will take commissions, reasonable rates.

For anyone who is left on the edge of her seat wondering, yes, my brother and his wife arrived, and yes, we had a lovely visit with them.

Please post comments on this episode and questions for next episode here, or you can email me at whatladder at gmail dot com.