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FYCL #7 – the interrupted podcast.

FYCL #7, if you are still doing the old-fashioned-y downloading of each episode, rather than subscribing with our shiny new rss or via iTunes.

This week we feature dubious advice on taboos, incestual and internetual; having sex during your period, and finding an academic job. Along with our regularly featured dubious sex toy of the week, we have our very first ever non-dubious sex toy, and, of course, your regular round-up of recommendations.

Here’s your linky goodness, and as always, click responsibly, although je joue’s product does not scream “sex toy” for those of you browsing with possible shoulder overlookage:

Music at the end was Living Doll, by Cliff Richard, which I can’t hear without thinking of the Young Ones.

Special thanks to Kanye, for interrupting SJ’s website.

Still life with podcast.

I am ashamed I have written NO POSTS between podcasts. Well, on one level I am. On the other level, I am like, “screw you, I am on holidays”. I will not promise to do better, lest I be accused of hypocrisy.

I give you FYCL #2: Kiwi My Ass (click to listen, right click to download for playage on your mp3 player of choice).

Things mentioned in this podcast you might like to look at:

If you have questions you would like us to address in the next ep, please post them here. I am totally dedicated to sorting out the RSS thing, since the podcast appears to be a go. We may even enter the Great Corporate Maw that is iTunes. Eventually.

Music at the end was “Sitting on the Moon” by Enigma.

Dubious Advice Weekly

Presenting FYCL, starring SJ from I, Asshole, and me.

Marriage, Librarianship, and Apple Maggots (click to play, right click to save for later playage on your mp3 player of choice)

We even have a cool graphic.


The plan is, if it gets enough critical acclaim for a second episode, to make an rss feed. If you have questions, requests for dubious advice, or criticisms of the hamhanded audio quality, please post them here.