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FYCL #6 Recorded in our Bathrobes.

FYCL #6, click to listen, etc, you know the drill.

Dubious advice on going back to school, scientific parenting, getting your kids to develop autonomy, advice on how to accept a pizza delivery, dubious sex toy of the week – home-made edition, and our usual round-up of pop culture recommendations.

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Music at the end was “The Milkman of Human Kindness” by Billy Bragg.

Please make use of the comments on this post for questions, suggestions, comments and pizza orders.

It occurs, on reflection, that the pizza business may be somewhat obscure, so let me nutshell it for you. Someone SJ and I know was telling this story about how she had ordered a pizza, and had, for ridiculous reasons, not paid by credit card at the time. So, when the pizza arrived, and she was in her bathrobe, she had invited the pizza delivery guy in and chatted, and given him a glass of water while she called to sort out the order. Subsequently, the pizza boy called to offer her free pizza, possibly with an implication of liking her, and seeing her again, and she had refused rather equivocally, so he had called again a day or two later. This calling, she described to us as “stalking” and “harrassment”; hence some of the hilarity and calls not to be so pathetic. Hope that enlightens those of you who may have been bewildered.