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Newsflash – I am boring.

In fact, I am so boring that students fall asleep by the handful in my 8am class, including one in the front row who fell asleep in a really flamboyant, head-thrashy way that had everybody mesmerized. Here are all the things I was tempted to do, but did not:

  • throw my textbook at her
  • throw any other one of several assorted objects, including my bottle of water
  • turn the contextual music on again, really loudly
  • complain that if I am that boring, maybe I should just give up
  • give a pop quiz (quietly, though)
  • motion the rest of the class to leave, leaving her there
  • kick her desk and/or chair
  • shake her and say, loudly “OMG are you okay? You totally passed out!”
  • laugh like a drain.

Instead, I tried incredibly hard to ignore it, and just let the rest of the students P&L.