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One for that guy who said I never say anything nice about students.

Okay, so they weren’t actually MY students, and only one of them was awesome, but let me lay it on you, anecdotally.

Yesterday I was at the Starbux stand getting a coffee because I had only had one coffee that morning at home, and I had a bunch of marking to do, and my current level of caffeination was not going to cut it. I was bantering with the barrista, as is my wont. (I love this guy ever since he told me that if people are rude to him he gives them decaf.)

As I was stirring my coffee, there were two female students having a conversation about a test they had just had (or so I surmise). Student #1 was bitching about how the test was, like , unfairs because it was hard, and stuff. Student #2 nonchalantly said “I thought it was, like, totally easy if you studied.”

PWNT. I could not help myself, I gave her a high five.

Another Good News, Bad News Day.

Good News:
The class I have been wondering if it will run next semester looks like it is running.

Bad News:
Said class is at 8am.

Bad News:
The other class I am teaching only has 8 students in it. Rut row.

Good News:
There are lots of students on a waiting list for Children’s Lit, so maybe I can teach that instead.

Bad News:
I was taking an enforced break from teaching Children’s Lit because most of the students who take it are in the Teaching Small Children stream of Education, and they are whiny pussies who can’t cope with criticism, because apparently they think that rules about not giving Kindergarteners Fs, or any negative feedback at all, really, apply to College students.

Good News:
My chair decided that he would take a punt on me teaching the class anyway, especially since many of the students on the waiting list appear to be regular students and not ones pre-stamped with a pink S for “Snowflake”.

Bad News:
He made me promise to try not to make them cry. In the words of Bart Simpson, I can’t promise to try, but I will try to try.

Good News:
I got to go out to lunch.

Bad News:
Going out to lunch was the result of coming home to find that my stove is utterly and mysteriously buggered.

Even Worse News:
The repair people can’t come before Tuesday. TUESDAY! That’s like 6 whole days away.

Dire News of Direness:
Our coffeemaker is the stove-top Italian kind. FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

FYCL #5: On Ungrateful Assholes.

FYCL #5, click to listen, etc, you know the drill.

Dubious advice on gratitude, fuck buddies, relationship talk, feminism, faux feminism and babies, and drinking.

We really blitzed the links with our discussion of Roiphe and the reactions to her, so here you are:

Music in at the end is “Rubberband Girl” by Kate Bush.

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