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A confession…

Sometimes, when I don’t want to tell people what I do, I tell them I am a goat farmer. Usually, I then go on about cheese, rather than spinning or fibre, but it’s always goats.

So, when I saw this awesome goat giveaway, I was totally tempted to write an essay. Sadly, though, I don’t think inner-suburban yuppieville is going to be judged a suitable home for FIVE goats and a shed. And while, in my head I am an awesome goat-carer, I am not utterly sure that I have the necessary practical skills. Instead, I am nagging people I know who DO have acreages to enter the contest, so that I can live vicariously through them.

So, dear reader, if you have the room, and have always wanted goats, I urge you to enter. I will even read a draft of your essay, I so utterly want someone I know to win this. Goat essays, I can do.

Also, look how croot!