Monthly Archives: May 2009

I said I wouldn’t do it…

But I just gave in and made a Twitter account. I need to post here moar, and I will, I SWARE.  I blame the Slate gabfest people for making it seem attractive. I am giving it a week, and then we shall see. The mini blog-hiatus was caused partly by exhaustion and partly by me being depressed about how many people whose blogs I like to read have decided to quit. Quitters!

Here’s a tidbit from the start of the semester. I have this weird class where there are 5 bugs who have been in my classes before. FIVE! Out of 30 (well, 25 now that I terrified some of them away). Five people who willingly sought me out after having experienced my teaching in a previous context. Suck it, all you assholes on Rate My Prof who said you would never ever take another class from me!

One of the ones who dumped me was this girl who clearly didn’t want to be in the class, and who kept putting up her hand to object to everything I said last week. I didn’t have high hopes for her abilities, but her first assignment got a solid B. She wasn’t in class today, (along with the 4 others I made cry with my meanness, clearly), but she came in at the end and said “I am here for my assignment”. Which seems kind of innocuous, but there was this tone. So then she is all “Just so you know, I dropped this class and I am taking Psychology instead.” And I couldn’t help it, but I just said, really enthusiastically and cheerfully, “Oh good!”

So, later, when I went to get my stale sandwich from the meagre offerings of the food vendors who bother to open this semester, I saw her with her friend, and she turned to the friend really obviously and said “THAT’S HER”. Score!