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Covert Genius Offers me a Deal.


My Covert Genius who was butthurt when I didn’t recognize his writing ability from the half-formed ideas he wrote in his emails, or the entitled ponitificating he did in his blog style journal entries, finally turned in his essay.

You know where this is going, right?

It was full of pontificating, and assumptions about groups of people, and his MLA was all up the wazoo, which, he informed me, was my fault because the library handout which 90% of students find perfectly comprehensible wasn’t good enough for him, nor was the MLA section in his textbook, so he had to MAKE UP his own style which included putting random words in brackets. It was also full of subjective language, and pronouns, which I had already warned him about when he told me his topic (typical snowflake, he wanted to write about his own generation and how awesome they are).

In short, it was pretty much dreckitude, as Andre Leon Talley would say. And because of his previous displays of butthurt, I was very kind when I marked it, and polite in my comments, and gave him an overly generous B-. Which, I should know better.

Man, if I thought he was butthurt before, you should see the level of butthurt now. It is like this much:

This is the worst mark anyone has ever given him! (I believe this. He is a browbeater, and I think a lot of his previous profs have probably caved.)

I suggested that he needed more evidence to support his claims, and he responded that evidence would “clutter up his argument”. His argument is WAY more important than any actual facts in the case. (Are you smelling a snowflake?)

I criticized his use of overly emotional language and hyperbole. In a research paper. OF COURSE HE IS EMOTIONAL! HE CARES ABOUT THE TOPIC! YOU KNOW WHY? HE IS WRITING ABOUT HIMSELF!

He’s really mad that I don’t recognize his previous award-winning genius. He’s not asking for 100% (although it is clear he thinks he deserves it), but he will offer me a bargain. I am to give him an A, and in return, he will… wait for it, this is awesome… take my feedback seriously.

Needless to say, I am an ungrateful asshole who rejected his offer out of hand. I did offer to let the subject co-ordinator mark it for him, but given that said prof actually SHOUTED with laughter when he read Covert Genius’ email to me, I don’t think much of his chances.