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It are snow.

Both literally and metaphorically. The weather here is crazy, dude. 2 weeks ago, we were bitching and moaning about it being 30, and now it we have snow, although not the kind that sticks or requires actual snowboots. Which is good, because my snowboots got a recurring hole.

Speaking of snowflakes, man, are they ever coming down in blizzard-like formations in class. What was the trigger? First assignments, of course.

I had a drift of them ignore my comments about how MLA had been updated. Updated, I might add by a group of guys who were apparently smoking crack, because I cannot find one person to explain the logic of the MLA updates, although dear old OWL at Purdue makes a stab at summarizing the changes. They stay the hell away from trying to explain them, though.

Srsly, MLA, WTF is up with the italics; no, underline; no, either; no, italics dance? MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS.

But I digress. Despite warnings, dire warnings, that relying on previous MLA knowledges would be utter fail, naturally about half of them tumbled into the trap for heffalumps.

In other snowflake news, the words “DO NOT EMAIL ASSIGNMENTS TO ME, ASSHOLES, I WILL SHIV YOU” have no meaning for at least 6 out of every 30 students. One of these jerks, told by return email to shape the fuck up and hand his work in in the approved manner, had the gall to approach me in the lunch line and attempt to hand in his work.

The lunch line.

Boundaries, dude. When I am about to enjoy my fries with tatziki, do I want to do it in view of your tragic scribblings? I do not.