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A tosheroon, “as any fule know, chiz chiz” is the gold piece that sometimes turns up in the sewer. Likewise, in the flood of verbal crap which constitutes the majority of my marking, there are, very occasionally, little gold coins. I offer you the following.

What originates as the character’s physical journey to her childhood home turns into a mental journey into her physique.

I had to ponder that for a bit, but I think he meant “psyche”.

I have also been entertaining myself with making my students play the lottery. That is, I give them a grading rubric, and ask them to use it to predict their grades. This is generally hilarious, mainly because of the ones who give themselves 99% when I end up giving them 49%.

This rubric is in the form of a sheet they are supposed to attach to their essays, but some morons cannot manage this. Such a one is the guy who emailed me, saying “I forgot the sheet, but I typed it out and here is my prediction of my grade.” He gave himself 99%, including 10 out of 10 for “grammer”.

I could not resist emailing him back to ask if he really meant to give himself 10 out of 10 for “grammer”. He replied “i think i did good on this essay, i tried real hard.”