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FYCL #20 – The Art of Podcasting.

Break your January slump with advice (and smack talk) about divorced spouses and step-parents, babysitting and how to avoid it, tetchy ranting about goddamn anti-feminists, and we Ask a Dude about Manliness. As usual there are recommendations, and a highly offensive Dubious Sex Toy.

FYCL #20, if you are still doing the old-fashioned-y downloading of each episode, rather than subscribing with our shiny new rss or via iTunes.

Link! the Hero of Time:

Closing music is “Sound the Trumpet” by Purcell sung by the James Bowman and the luscious Daniel Taylor, because all that talk of Manliness made me long for some really fruity counter-tenors.

A reminder: although only the most recent 3 episodes are live in iTunes, you can always access back episodes of FYCL in our archive at uppitywomen.org/media/

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