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No, not that kind of snowflakes.

So, I dunno if you know this, but here in the Empire of Canada, it has been snowing like fuck. And so today, when I got home, in the interests of not breaking my ankle, I shovelled the front steps and then got to work on the sidewalk. Now the sidewalk snow had been trampled by many feet, making it all packed down and stuff, so it was harder to shovel, and I had to, like bash it a bit to get it up and then scoop it off the sidewalk.

I took a little pause to wave to my fambly, who were walking up the street from school, and some old biddy who is walking past stops and decides that what a person who is clearly struggling with an unaccustomed manual task needs is unsolicited advice.

And she says to me, I SWARE I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, “What you need is a Dutch ho.”

Excuse me? Inappropriate much?

So I am sure you understand why I told her to fuck the hell off.