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Quick update and some social media comments.

The complainer from Monday came to see me (twice!) about her essay, and had perfectly pleasant interactions with me with nary a peep about whatever it was that she found so offensitive last week.

So I am bewildered. I asked my Chair, and he said she hadn’t been to see him either. I have no idea if this is a thing which has slunk quietly away, or a thing which is hiding in the bushes to pounce.

King of Flakes is very, very quiet. I think this might be because after my yelling about how much they sucked last week, my students actually lifted their game, and the presentations on Wednesday were truly awesome. KoF was probably too busy peeing his pants to think of anything to say.

In other news, I am actually using the Twitter quite a bit, if you want to follow me and see me doing daring shit like teasing John Dickerson.

Do you have gmail? Google Buzz seems to have merrily doxed everyone and assumed that you want everyone you email to know who else you email. (I wonder how many adulterers got busted yesterday and today?) I spent a bit of time today shutting it down on my personal accounts, with the help of this article.

Can I just have a quick rant here and say, I blog anonymously for obvious reasons. I have separate home and work email, and I don’t want students who google me to find a profile of me from google that tells them personal stuff about them like I spend a lot of time talking about Dubious Sex Toys. They do not need to know that. I prefer it that when they google my power word they find a few, very dull things about me.

Unlike that creepy guy on RYS who stalks his students on Facebook, I have no interest in their personal lives, and I want to discourage any reciprocal curiosity.

I work hard to make sure that I am not very interesting to google; I love it that I am helped by having the same name as an equally dull nursing prof in another country, and some nice lady from Nebraska. Let me keep my business my business, google.

I did leave Buzz on for the fyclpodder at gmail dot com address, if you want to blast us a quick comment or link, but we don’t check it nearly as often as we do our Facebook group. Of course, this may change, if everyone drops Facebook for Buzz, as the media pundits are predicting.

Edit: Okay, weh, weh, weh, I’ve been whining about a minor inconvenience, but there are some people for whom the sharing of email contacts means a serious risk of physical harm. Shame, google. Shame.