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“Duck” means “Duck”.

We’ve been down this road before, but I feel the need to rant. Again.

So, on my course outlines, there are some clear policies, including, now, thanks to the Shrinker, stuff about how cheating on an exam is heavily discouraged. One of these policies says “If you are about to miss a lab with an in-class assignment for marks, and you care, and you want to make up the assignment, let me know before the class finishes, and preferably before it starts.”

This means that if you are sick, you need to reach your arm limply to your sidetable, whereon your blackberry rests, and type, with fingers weakened by the racking cough and fever you are experiencing because of the Hiney, “I am too ill with the Hiney to come to class, can I make up the assignment.” Onerous, I know, but we all know I chose this profession because of the ample opportunities to be an asshole. Deal.

This semester, I have a student, let her be known as Balloon Girl, perhaps because of her airheaded tendencies, who has so far failed to manage to do this thing 3 times. She missed an assignment on Wednesday, and didn’t get around to mentioning that she wanted to make it up until Friday morning, which, coincidentally, was the deadline for any other students who missed the class or couldn’t finish in class time.

I replied to her email, saying, AS PER THE WRITTEN POLICY, it was too late to make up the assignment.

So, today in class, she says to me that I only sent her half a reply to her request. Excuse me? What this apparently means is, no is not an answer. Or rather, it is a partial answer, and the question will be re-asked until she gets what she wants.

So once again, explaining the rules and sticking to them is seen by the Snowflakery as aberrant. I know blaming the helicopters is becoming a cliche, but really. What kind of parenting are these kids experiencing?