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FYCL #9 – Ordinary Sacrilege

Dubious advice on outre artistic expression, being Canadian in an American world, and the stupidity of trying to legislate the internets, plus our regularly featured Dubious Sex Toy of the week, and other recommendations.

FYCL #9, if you are still doing the old-fashioned-y downloading of each episode, rather than subscribing with our shiny new rss or via iTunes.

Linkety link links:

Oh, also, an explanatory note for those of you who don’t know that “souping” means flouncing out. To soup: to leave, in an ostentatious manner, often while commenting that you are never coming back.

The thematic sacrilege naturally made me think of Randy Newman, so I picked “God’s Song” for the closing musics.

Hope you enjoy the podcast, please to be leaving threats of hellfire, feedback and questions here.