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FYCL #15 – GGB on BBG

Dubious advice on being angry about holiday cooking and/or marking, encouraging girls to do science, indoctrinating young men into the ways of feminism and dealing with scheduling during the holidays. Ask a Dude returns to consider the logistics of a BBG threesome; there’s an extremely Dubious Sex Toy, and some great recommendations.

FYCL #15, if you are still doing the old-fashioned-y downloading of each episode, rather than subscribing with our shiny new rss or via iTunes.


  • Belle de Jour’s blog, which is hotting up at the moment with juicy back and forth about the revealing of her identity.
  • Times news story and follow-up on Belle de Jour and the revelation of her identity.
  • Caroline Moore is the teenage astronomer we uselessly could not remember, and she found a supernova.
  • For those of you who have been living under a rock – Sarah Bunting’s awesome Yes You Are.
  • Looks like Double X is getting folded back into Slate.
  • Wildly inappropriate gnome dildo video. Click at own risk!! Further research determines that it was intended to be a sex toy, but I haven’t seen a vendor of same online. Even google is shocked and horrified.
  • HUGE props to the Bugger for finding a reference to the actual gnome dildo, although it appears they are not currently available for purchase.
  • Gay Sex in Dragon Age: Origins, pointed out on the Queerty blog, which is worth a bit of a browse for its other content, too.
  • On being a Bad Mother, by Sandra Tsing Loh, from the Atlantic online.

Apologies for sound quality – both of us were having internets issues this week. I have sorted mine out (fingers crossed).

Closing music is 3 by Britney Spears, chosen OBVIOUSLY, for thematic rather than musical merit.

A reminder: although only the most recent 3 episodes are live in iTunes, you can always access back episodes of FYCL in our archive at uppitywomen.org/media/