Google Dox should reward me for all this free advertising.

Another triumph for the technology this week.

I made an assignment which was a list of questions for my students to answer, and I shared it with them as a google doc, giving them write access so they could copy the questions into their own document. Which was maybe a mistake, but I have done it before.

They are working away on it in the lab, when I notice that Question 8 has MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED.

Revision history to the rescue! I can not only restore it, I can name and shame the deleter. All the students got really mad when I told them I had restored it, too. They were like “Can’t we just do the 9 remaining questions?” To which I replied, “Sure, if you don’t mind getting a score no better than 9 out of 10”.

3 thoughts on “Google Dox should reward me for all this free advertising.

  1. V's Herbie

    really? they think maybe you don’t know how many questions your assignment has?

    I could understand an accidental deletion, what with the selecting for copypasta, but on purpose?

    I’m a little sad that I’m not teaching this summer from a money standpoint, but not so much from a student drama standpoint.

  2. fillyjonk

    Wow. Deleting a question from a prof’s document…that’s ballsy. I did once have a student cross out a question on an exam, write in the question he WANTED to answer, and answer that, but it wasn’t like he vandalized the document for EVERYONE ELSE.


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