Update on the schedule on the door thing.

So, today I am back at work, and stop by to say hi to our department secretary, and she asked how my trip was, and I said “so awesome I didn’t even mind answering a ton of student emails while I was away.”

And then she said “only one student came looking for you,” to which I replied, “well I told them all in class I would be out of town and to email, but I guess maybe someone didn’t get the message.”

And then I said, “there was one who emailed about not understanding the notices posted on the door.”

And she goes, “Yes, that was him. He stood around and worried about it for so long that I actually walked him across the hall to your office and explained the timetable to him.”


3 thoughts on “Update on the schedule on the door thing.

  1. Tessa

    Had this blog recommended by a friend – oh what a joy!!!!!
    I facilitate on learnerships for post school learners in Early Childhood Development in Cape Town, South Africa and I experience similar problems. Seems learners are the same around the world.

    I think I might be inspired to blog and get rid of my frustrations and say some of the things I can’t do face to face.

    Thanks for a laugh before I face my monsters this morning……


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