Need another blog on feminism?

Probably not, but on the other hand, why the hell not?

Some online chums and I, disappointed by the faux feminism we keep finding on “feminist” blogs that are also about pop culture, decided to make our own. I am hoping that the combination of feminism and snark will fill the gaping hole in my soul left by the demise of FYCL.

Anyway, if you like feminism, pop culture, internets commentary and/or meanliness and snark, come check us out at Feminist Snark. I am really hoping to make it a group effort,  so if you ever feel inspired to contribute, feel free to email me at whatladder at gmail dot com.

6 thoughts on “Need another blog on feminism?

  1. tiff

    Same here. I am a hardcore podcast lover, but FYCL was my hands-down fav while it was around. I assume, though, that if either of you ladies were willing to discuss its demise, you would have done so by now. *shrug* Stuff happens.

    Anyway, I don’t know where I fall on the feminist spectrum, but I love snark, and your writing, so I’ll be (of course) following you to the new site. I hope it takes the interwebs by storm in a massive but mostly non-harmful explosion of snark and sparkles and comfortable bras without pokey underwires.

  2. tiff

    Pfft. I’m dying to know too, I just refuse to ask. (But thank you for the kind words! I’m keeping them, you cannot have them back. They live on my dresser now, and I feed them mashed carrots. )


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