Sweet FA

It’s summer, dudes, so fuck all.

Aksherly, this is not at all true, but I am doing fuck all in the way of torturing students for your amusment, dear readers. Sozzers.

My current activities include:

  • Beer
  • Playing computer games
  • Swimming and taking my spawn to swimming lessons
  • Doing some for fun writing projects
  • Procrastinating on a serious writing project
  • Wine
  • Surfing the web and calling it “prep for my online writing class in the fall”
  • Pouting that RYS died, and being vaguely dissatisfied with its apparent replacement
  • Walking to the store in the evenings to get more wine and beer
  • Sitting in my yard in the evening, as a charitable donation to the mosquito population
  • Planning some little vacationy activities for next month
  • Annoying some guy who was knocking on doors by yelling out “no thank you” before I even knew what he was selling
  • Thinking about making salted caramel chocolate mousse
  • Knitting while doing all of the above.

How’s your summer?

2 thoughts on “Sweet FA

  1. Bobbie

    I’m also bemoaning the death of RYS, but I give those noobs credit for trying.

    Me? I’ve done absolutely nothing byt way of prep for fall. And I ain’t freakin’ about it either.

    But I have had five–count ’em, 5!–back-to-school dreams already, so mebbe I am freaking in my subconscious? Dunno; don’t much care.


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