FYCL #22 – Hang up and pee.

Shy pee-ers hand out some advice on relationships, just in time to confuse you before Valentine’s day. We follow up on SJ’s experience with the vulva dye, discuss what’s bad (and good) about Cosmo, contemplate the romantic politics of gifts, and give you a ton of recommendations to have fun with.

FYCL #22, if you are still doing the old-fashioned-y downloading of each episode, rather than subscribing with our shiny new rss or via iTunes.


Closing music was “Our House” by Madness.

A reminder: although only the most recent 3 episodes are live in iTunes, you can always access back episodes of FYCL in our archive at uppitywomen.org/media/

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1 thought on “FYCL #22 – Hang up and pee.

  1. Susan

    Ok. I will just say this.. just once and I’m sure I’ll regret it forever, because I’m not going to say it anonymously. The mole vibrator..is awesome. I know, I know, I bought it cuz what I really wanted was sold out, I had an issue with sticking something with a face up into my hooha. Awesome. Buy the mole. Also, I love FunFactory toys in general. *crawling back into my lurker hole now* HA, isn’t it awesome that I delurkered to defend a vibrator? This comment is brought to you by BEER. In the morning, I will want to shoot myself 😉


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