FYCL #21 – Legally drunk.

Feeling like you need some healthy lifestyle advice? There’s none here. Instead, there’s snark about ballet gear, early mornings, special snowflakes, whether feminism sucks the fun out of stuff, how fucked up we have to be to need vulva dye, and our usual recommendations.

FYCL #21, if you are still doing the old-fashioned-y downloading of each episode, rather than subscribing with our shiny new rss or via iTunes.


Closing music is Love TKO by the late Teddy Pendergrass.

A reminder: although only the most recent 3 episodes are live in iTunes, you can always access back episodes of FYCL in our archive at uppitywomen.org/media/

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4 thoughts on “FYCL #21 – Legally drunk.

  1. zugenia

    I have been drinking Dark & Stormies lately too! We make them with extra spicy ginger beer and a twist of lime. HIGHLY recommended.

    Is it gauche to recommend one’s own blogs not once but TWICE in a week? Because I know I already plugged my Procrastination thing to you in my latest email, but after listening to #21 I thought you might get a kick out of my Is It Racist? blog. Since I started taking submissions, my inbox has filled with the most amazing cultural detritus.

  2. Linda

    WhatLadder/The Egg,

    Always enjoy you and SJ on the podcast. I wish you’d post more about your snowflakes, but maybe fewer posts mean less drama? Keep up the good work, y’all!


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