FYCL #14 – Champagne Quality Podcasting

Dubious advice on how root beer is not ginger beer, drinking, especially champagne, dealing with people you disagree with, the pursuit of feminism, whether helicopters can be brought to Jeebus, and what to do when your child is menaced by a dog on the way home. Dubious Sex Toy has a holiday theme, and as always, there are our recommendations.

FYCL #14, if you are still doing the old-fashioned-y downloading of each episode, rather than subscribing with our shiny new rss or via iTunes.


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8 thoughts on “FYCL #14 – Champagne Quality Podcasting

  1. Leaf

    Dear Egg and SJ,
    Another excellent podcast – thank you.
    Sj’s idea of cooking through Mrs Beaton reminded me of the wonderful BBC series The Victorian Kitchen – where the awesome Ruth Mott cooked her way through Mrs Beaton in period costume and conditions. I found the episode where they re-create Mrs Beaton’s Picnic fare for 40 people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7P1cmLEbCE .
    This series then spawned the equally fab Victorian Kitchen Garden, then one where Ruth cooks her way through the second world war rations book.
    If you are going to embark on 900 recipes then Ruth might be a good companion

  2. Bugger

    YES. Thank you for validating sparkling wine. People around here look at me like a lunatic when I say I’d rather have a bottle of bubbly than cab. I was hoping for a N. American bubbly recommendation, since the red sparkling I love so much is not available here? Also, new iron chef blows compared to the original with the Japanese dudes trying to make an edible meal out of things like fish eyes and stuff. I am a fan of Alton Brown, but bad dubbing and crazy judges make for better entertainment!

  3. V's Herbie

    With (US) Thanksgiving Day upon us, and the Christmas shopping madness soon to follow, I have a couple of holiday questions for you!

    How do you deal with multiple sides of the family demanding your time all on the same day? Does this only happen with my in-laws?

    Also, are there time limits on holiday music?

  4. Jess

    Hey, great podcast. I’ve just discovered it recently and am really enjoying it but something is really bugging me that I want to talk about…

    What you said about the creepy male teacher has left a really bad taste in my mouth. That he is singling out female students specifically for special attention does not strike me as ethical in any way, shape or form, it sounds like a very predatory behaviour and it really bothers me that you’re actually ignoring your gut feeling about this at the risk of stirring things up. Young girls are so vulnerable in certain ways (without wanting to sound patronising, I’m just thinking of myself at that age, my relative naievity, etc) )and surely it must be up to older people to get an eye on things.

    Blah, I know it’s easy for me to say this from my perspective because I’m not the one who would potentially risk causing problems for their own career etc. I DO sympathise with your quandry but I just can’t help but worry for those girls who he takes under his wing and kind of hope that if I were in your situtation, I’d say something to…someone. I mean, there must be a way to do it delicately… even just by scoping out the opinions and feelings on the matter with one or two other people who are familiar with this guy and who you feel you can trust.

    Ack, I don’t mean to offend or sound preachy. Like I said, I get that I’m not in your situation at all but while listening to what you were saying, I was feeling really uncomfortable and concerned so felt I had to say something. That being said, I’m exhausted and stressed and typing this from work so it may not be particularly constructive or articulate.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for this podcast. I’m really enjoying it, despite that moment of discomfort, so do keep it up!

    1. whatladder Post author

      Jess, I totally understand your position, and I have been thinking about what to do about this. One of the things that makes me unsure about it is that I don’t have proof that anything inappropriate occurred, and in fact, have been assured by one student in particular that nothing of a sexual or grody nature ever occurred. I am sure that what he is doing he is doing with good intentions, regardless of how I feel about it, and I am also slightly hamstrung by the fact that I don’t like him, and people know I don’t like him, and so then maybe me saying something sounds malicious.

      Rest assured, if anyone ever raises the issue, or there is an opening for me to make a comment, I will, but it is a really difficult one.


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