FYCL #10 – Warning! May Cause Wet Panties.

Dubious advice on balancing work and motherhood and collaboration in creative endeavours and the workplace. Dubious sex toy of the week features a new segment, Ask a Dude.

FYCL #10, if you are still doing the old-fashioned-y downloading of each episode, rather than subscribing with our shiny new rss or via iTunes.


Super special thanks to our awesome guest, Rhayden.

Closing music was inspired by the photo from Encyclopedia Dramatica, entitled “a typical Fleshlight setup”: Weird Al Yankovic was clearly tapping into some deep-seated nerdly romantic fantasies with his “Yoda” song.


ETA: WTF, WordPress, having a “moment” when we were trying to get the podder live.

5 thoughts on “FYCL #10 – Warning! May Cause Wet Panties.

  1. Bugger

    I love that the dubious sex toy is not being limited to female toys, and that we got a male opinion this time around. Now if only we could get websites to donate a few new toys now and then to the show. This section of the podcast reminds me of Talk Sex with Sue Johanson and I love it.

    As for staying home with the kid: this is always situational. For some people, there isn’t enough money to stay home and there is no choice. I don’t fit into the “wealthy, highly educated” category, but I did choose to stay home with my daughter. I chose to stop working because I knew that a large chunk of my paycheck would go to childcare, and because the idea of paying someone to raise my child was not something I was okay with. The trade off was worth it to me. Funny, considering I never wanted kids.

    I was thinking about the talk of feminists not being other “ists” and it brought up some issues for me. I don’t think being a feminist automatically ends prejudice toward other things, I thought it just meant you (collective you) were striving for equality between men and women. This leaves many other areas open. Back to the stay home thing – I have actually been told by random people that feminists are the ones who choose to work rather than stay home and that I am less of a woman for choosing to stay home instead of go into the workforce. Thoughts on this? If you are a feminist and you bash women for wanting to do the “traditional” thing, are you still a feminist?

    Apologies for this long and probably confusing comment!


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