FYCL #8 – Embarrassingly Fertile

Dubious advice on fertility, feminism, the semantics of “guys”, plus complaining about colds, cheaters and the weather. Dubious sex toy of the week has a rather fantastical twist, and recommendations include suggestions for other podcasts we like. Besides ours, I mean.

FYCL #8, if you are still doing the old-fashioned-y downloading of each episode, rather than subscribing with our shiny new rss or via iTunes.

Older archived episodes are available to download here, even if they don’t appear on the iTunes site or in the feed.

A veritable cornucopia of linkery for you:

Closing music is “Mother of Pearl” by Nellie McKay.

Leave your comments on the use of “guys” or anything else here. You can also email me questions at whatladder at gmail dot com.

4 thoughts on “FYCL #8 – Embarrassingly Fertile

  1. Tyleetwen

    I tend to say “You all” when talking directly to a group of people, and “Those guys” when referring to them. I have to say I was a little irritated by the article. I doubt the writer believes this, but it comes off like she’s saying that Man and Guy are binary states. You’re all one thing or the other, and that doesn’t leave much room for being, well, a real person. It may be just my own “Don’t fence me in” nature, but saying that all male-type persons are one of these two caricatures, instead of a blending of actual personality traits, is a disservice.

  2. shauna

    I was standing at the bus stop this morning listening to you guys talk about doberman dildos when a man (a guy?) ran past with a doberman… really put me off my breakfast!

    Another brilliant episode 🙂

  3. paperkingdoms

    So… “guys” doesn’t bother me at all… and I think it would really difficult to expunge from my vocabulary. I think it’s casual, and definitely doesn’t belong in formal situations… but I also am pretty certain that I use it when I’m teaching. I pretty definitely believe I’ve said things like “I don’t know what you guys have been doing, but there’s a test on Friday, and you need to get your acts together.” I do delve into “you all” at times… but that starts to veer into an association with particular accents, and that’s loaded, too.

    I do have a very hard time with collective nouns for groups of women… I find “girls” to be especially troublesome. [But I’m OK with “girls’ night out”… more or less. I at least use that one.]

    And the guys / men thing reminds me *a lot* of a guy acquaintance who has, on occasion, expounded at great length about how he and his college friends had developed the lumberjack / poet spectrum.

  4. Rhayden

    I use “guys” and it’s fairly gender-neutral to me. “You all” sounds stilted and too close to “y’all”.

    Good episode and thanks for the XYonline recommendation, definitely giving that a look.


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