Overheard in the hallway.

A conversation between two guys, who looked like jocks. One of them had team shorts on.

Guy 1: So, you were travelling over summer? Where did you go?
Guy 2: I spent a month and a half in China.
Guy 1: Toronto?
Guy 2: No, Nanking, China.
Guy 1: I have no idea where that is.
Guy 2: It is near Vietnam.

I love how Guy 2 thought that “Vietnam” would help the guy who hadn’t heard of China.

Other delights from the beginning of semester include the revolving door of drop/add, which means I really haven’t figured out any personalities yet, and the usual fight with the bookstore.

Last week, I noticed 3 students, all male, who had brought Mom or Dad with them to the first day of class. I mentioned this to a colleague, who said he had seen a parent escort a student (also male) up to our corridor to meet with another faculty member. The question that crosses my mind is, what kind of event is this? Is this snowflakes who can’t get to uni without being driven by mom or dad, or helicopters who won’t let precious go to school by himself? I shall ponder, and see if I can collect further evidences.

In other news, I am going to YET ANOTHER meeting about 6pt tomorrow. Expect a post-game rant.

5 thoughts on “Overheard in the hallway.

  1. Jessica

    I think it’s hysterical how women are still regarded as the “weak” ones, unable to think or speak for themselves (or, if they do, they are “bitches”), when I see this mom-escorting-precious-son phenomenon all the time. Every once in a while I get high school students in to the library looking for volunteer work. The boys are almost always accompanied by mom, who does all the talking as the boys do seem incapable of putting together a coherent – or audible – sentence, whereas the girls come in on their own. My favorite was a boy who needed community service hours for being naughty (court ordered, in other words). His mother called and made the appointment, and all the while I could hear the brat in the background telling her why the hours she was suggesting weren’t going to work for him (they conflicted with his lacrosse schedule – um, hello, you did something wrong enough to get arrested and you still have sports privileges???). She was the one who called to cancel his first session as well. The kid showed up once and was a rude, useless, insipid tool. Go figure. Sadly, from the sounds of it, I predict he’ll be one of your students in two years – and Mom will walk him to class.

  2. Bearded Lady

    It’s near that place where we blew up a lot of people a few decades ago. OHHHH, THAT PLACE. Nope, never heard of “The Rape of Nanking”.


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