FYCL podcast is now available through iTunes. I know! How awesome is that? Episodes #5 and #6 are there, and if any of you paragons of readers would rate us or write a review, I would love you a bijillion. Recording got a bit derailed this weekend, but there are plans to hopefully get an ep out by the end of the week.

If you want to inspire us, leave a question or comment here!

2 thoughts on “FYiTunes

  1. N

    Okay, here’s one, since it’s that time of year. Any dubious advice about the academic job market? I mean, besides “flee!”?

  2. Chickenshe

    I would be interested in hearing your opinions on feminism. If feminism is purely about equality and having equal rights among genders, then why do some radical feminists go so far as to claim that females are the superior race? How is this any different from men stereotyping women?


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