Still life with podcast.

I am ashamed I have written NO POSTS between podcasts. Well, on one level I am. On the other level, I am like, “screw you, I am on holidays”. I will not promise to do better, lest I be accused of hypocrisy.

I give you FYCL #2: Kiwi My Ass (click to listen, right click to download for playage on your mp3 player of choice).

Things mentioned in this podcast you might like to look at:

If you have questions you would like us to address in the next ep, please post them here. I am totally dedicated to sorting out the RSS thing, since the podcast appears to be a go. We may even enter the Great Corporate Maw that is iTunes. Eventually.

Music at the end was “Sitting on the Moon” by Enigma.

11 thoughts on “Still life with podcast.

  1. Rhayden

    Never had those exam dreams, but I certainly hated when I would be in a shit job and then I would dream a whole shift at said shit job and then I’d wake up just in time to go to work ALL OVER AGAIN. FUCK.

  2. Tyleetwen

    You guys make for a very engaging podcast! I would love to hear more about your family’s time at a Montessori school. Does your daughter still attend one? If not, how was her transition to a more traditional school setting?

  3. M-H

    You have a clear Australian accent with only a tiny trace of North American to my ears. But what would an expat Kiwi in Sydney know? 🙂

    1. Rue the Kiwi

      There are huge differences between the NZ and AUS accents and I just don’t understand how people get it so wrong… the mind boogles.

      You, however, have a lovely hybrid accent with no New Zealand-ness.

  4. Solowren

    I am not sure if it’s just me, but SJ’s voice is much louder than yours. This creates a situation where I have you talking normal volume, and all of a sudden SJ is YELLING AT ME RARARAR.

    Or, alternatively, SJ is normal volume and you are “mumblemumblemumble”

  5. a

    I am adoring these podcasts, I don’t care what kind of volume adjusting I have to finger-wrestle.

    I apologize for this kiwi/aussie misinformation spreading! Especially in light of all the Canadian-ness mentioned in the whatladder oeuvre. I hadn’t done the whatladder reading and missed the Melbourne mention in passed posts. I feel the fool, indeed. *CROCODILE TEARS*

    In my defense, I lived in S. Africa in middle school and had one kiwi friend in college. I should have known better because you didn’t use the term “heaps” instead of “lots” or “many”. That’s what my kiwi friend taught me about kiwi v. aussie: heaps, but I guess not enough.

    I have questions about both Canadian regionalism and US regionalism which, I think, you both intimated in this podcast. I have to refine my question because it borders on urban/rural conundrum.

  6. V's Herbie

    Yay! my Pineapple Boy question got answered!

    I’ve been kinda hesitant to talk about students on my blog, mine usually come in the pre-med stress kitten variety, but even those have their funny moments.


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