Dubious Advice Weekly

Presenting FYCL, starring SJ from I, Asshole, and me.

Marriage, Librarianship, and Apple Maggots (click to play, right click to save for later playage on your mp3 player of choice)

We even have a cool graphic.


The plan is, if it gets enough critical acclaim for a second episode, to make an rss feed. If you have questions, requests for dubious advice, or criticisms of the hamhanded audio quality, please post them here.

11 thoughts on “Dubious Advice Weekly

  1. mildly

    You two sound like REAL people to me now! Loved the podcast, still chuckling at it now.

    Ok, now a question for next time. Your comments on marriage got me thinking, especially the part about extracting yourself from a marriage and how potentially difficult/scary that is. So is not being married/cohabiting/slatterning really different from being married, other than the legal piece of paper. I always thought it was, to all intents and purposes, the same. But now I’m starting to wonder whether marriage does give you that something extra emotionally. Discuss.

    Oh and what was the music I was head grooving along to at the begining please?

  2. Leaf

    I’ve been wondering about the things that anchor us to this life: our relationships with each other, how we spend our hours and for me the land. I’m wondering about what anchors you have dragging on the sandy bottom or wedged deep in a coral reefs? I would appreciate some dubious commentary on this topic.

  3. Bobbie

    OOOO-that is a good one; here’s mine: Back-to-school dreams; discuss. I just had my first of the season last night. Early for me, given that I still have a full month before classes start…

  4. trixibelle

    This was awesome. I’d like to see, in the future, some discussion on literature, gardening, and some expansion on your brief mention of internet piracy.


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