Newsflash – I am boring.

In fact, I am so boring that students fall asleep by the handful in my 8am class, including one in the front row who fell asleep in a really flamboyant, head-thrashy way that had everybody mesmerized. Here are all the things I was tempted to do, but did not:

  • throw my textbook at her
  • throw any other one of several assorted objects, including my bottle of water
  • turn the contextual music on again, really loudly
  • complain that if I am that boring, maybe I should just give up
  • give a pop quiz (quietly, though)
  • motion the rest of the class to leave, leaving her there
  • kick her desk and/or chair
  • shake her and say, loudly “OMG are you okay? You totally passed out!”
  • laugh like a drain.

Instead, I tried incredibly hard to ignore it, and just let the rest of the students P&L.

10 thoughts on “Newsflash – I am boring.

  1. effamy

    Honestly, I’m a wanderer when I lecture so I find it easy to pass by the desks of those nodding off. If simply passing by doesn’t work, well, I also happen to be a bit on the clumsy side….

  2. jim

    It happened to me once. I got really sarcastic before I realised I was looking at a diabetic going into coma.

  3. Bryan

    In your position, I would’ve given a pop quiz (quietly) and then let everyone else leave without her. All this self-restraint is overrated. 😛

  4. cq

    “shake her and say, loudly ‘OMG are you okay? You totally passed out!'”

    loves it.

    i also have the person sitting next to the sleeper wake that person up…assuming, of course, that the person sitting next to the sleeper is in fact awake

  5. Pavlov's Cat

    This one is probably not about you — some of us are just night owls, with the corollary of not being able to remain conscious before 10 am. I regularly fell asleep in 9 am lectures back in the day*, even when I was really interested in them.

    *The ones I was listening to, not the ones I was delivering.

  6. fillyjonk

    I’ve accepted that once in a while students fall asleep.

    I had a guy come and apologize to me once for falling asleep in a 9 am class. He said, “It doesn’t excuse it, but maybe this explains” – he was working full time and he and his wife had a new baby at home.

    Of course, there are also the “kids” who come to class hung over and fall asleep, so I guess it balances out in some kind of cosmic way.

    I’ve been known, back when our gen bio class used a heavy hardback textbook, to do the “potential energy conversion to kinetic energy” demonstration using the textbook when there were snoozers.

    I do kind of wish I taught in a LAB, because then I could work the blowing-up-of-hydrogen or somesuch into the lectures for the benefit of sleepers.

  7. Annika

    My economics professor told us on the first day that he once had a student that he thought was asleep, and after class when she still didn’t wake up, he realized she needed an ambulance. So, if he saw one of us asleep, he absolutely would wake us up, and ask if we were ok. I have class after a nine hour workday, and it’s hard to stay awake, but I live in fear of being embarrassed.

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