Bossy and I throw down.

So, you know how it was, like, reading break last week? And there were no classes? And a bunch of my students missed class on the Thursday before, including Bossy, because it was like the last class before a week off? Well, I kindly sent them a reminder email late last week, since I had been getting emails that indicated confusion about a) when their essays were due, and b) which day we were having our library research session, and c) what the difference between their asses and their elbows might be.

Yesterday morning, it was snowing like fuck, and yes traffic was a little bad, and yes my class was at sparrowfart. When I got to class, there were 4 students there, and I wondered out loud, and rhetorically, where they might be, knowing the answer was, “in that bus that we can see out the window – the one that appears to be stuck in the driveway outside the building.” One student said, “yeah, the traffic is really bad,” and I was about to say something about giving them 5 minutes before we started when Bossy initiated the following conversation:

Bossy [with, like, totally a tone]: Maybe they went to the library.
Me: Why would they do that?
Bossy: Because of the email, which I only got at 7am this morning [sic].
Me: The email I sent 5 days ago? That says the library class is on Thursday, so don’t go to the library today?
Bossy: Yeah. Well, I don’t know when you sent it.
Me: I sent it 5 days ago.
Bossy: Well, I don’t have email at home. You shouldn’t be trying to contact me via email.
Me [applying the stink eye, which effectively communicates “how, then shall, I contact you, given that you missed the last class?]: [silence].
Bossy: Look. I am not trying to attack you.
Me: Thank you for clearing that up, because from where I am sitting, it certainly sounded like you were.

At this  point, the bus finally makes it up the hill, and another half a dozen snow-covered students stagger in.

UPDATE: She was 15 minutes late to class today because she went to the wrong room. After making a fuss about how she got the email. Saying which room the class was in. I KNOW!

3 thoughts on “Bossy and I throw down.

  1. Nancy E. Tatarek

    While I would NOT wish any of the events described in your blogs on anyone (well, except certain colleagues), it is gratifying for me to know that I am not alone in the experiences I have on a daily/weekly basis while attempting to be an educator/academic. Thanks for writing such a fantastic blog!

  2. V's Herbie

    Hey, just wanted to tell you that Pineapple Boy goes to church!

    I went to an ash wednesday service last night and the kid next to me showed up 15 minutes late and spent the whole time squirming and pulling his shirt out of his armpits.

    I was just waiting for him to get out his snack…


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