The promised update.

So, today in class Pineapple Boy was eating a giant greek salad with chopsticks. I spent half the class going over the assignment he didn’t do, and he sat there eating and kind of being generally annoying, like at one point he stood up and did some isometrics.

At the end of class, he came up to me and asked if I had marked his “thing”. “No,” I replied.

Then, because I could not contain my curiosity (and because I know that you, dear readers, are totally hanging out to know), I asked, “Is there a reason you didn’t do Monday’s assignment?”

“Yes,” he said.

I guess I walked into that one.

Oh, in other news, I am totally not the only one with stapler issues.

4 thoughts on “The promised update.

  1. SJ

    Sometimes I like to eat weird or “inappropriate” stuff with chopsticks, but!

    Anyone who eats greek salad with chopsticks out of the privacy of their own home is a bonafide wiener.


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