6 thoughts on “I swear it dude, aliens.

  1. feckless

    Hmm.. no credit given for:
    a) the photographer, nor
    b) the person who had the idea of the aliens…..


  2. Bobbie

    All right, this is a really uncouth thing to do, so I will do it in the most couthly way possible:

    I miss your voice. Please to post again soon.

    Now to the rude part: It was through THIS blog that I discovered iasshole. Now, we both and all know that things have changed over at her place. And I cannot comment. No matter how I try to sign in, no signing innage will happen. Thus I cannot comment upon here continuing comment-worthy drollery.

    If you see her–if she wanders in here–please let her know I care? And I wish I could tell her myself…

    Thank you, whatladder. You chicks keep me smiling.


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