What I did in Reading Week

SJ has been nagging me about blogging more (which I totally mean to do, and then she writes brilliant posts like this, so I read them and then hang out online and hope she will notice me), and there was a post about “Hai guys, what r u doin’ fer Spring Brake” on RYS, and the two collided in my mind. So here is my list of what I did on Spring Break, aka Reading Week, since it is waaaay to early for actual spring, here.

So my break started with DeKalb, which made me outraged, and sad, and I thought about writing something about it, but I think I said everything I have to say about it once before, unless I want to write a rant about gun control, which currently the spirit does not move me to do.

StepLadder is preparing for her RADA exam in a few weeks, so this week has involved taking her to ballet about a bijillion times, which normally means I get to sit in the lobby and knit, or gossip, or both, but this week we also had viewing week, which means I got to watch the ballet teacher, Miss Lilly, work her magic. This woman is a brilliant teacher. She is terribly strict, and she works the children hard (in the class which was late on a school afternoon, a couple of the girls wanted to sit while they watched one another’s groups because their legs were tired, and Miss Lilly said, “suck it up; you are a tough dancer”), but she does it with grace and humour, and the right amount of praise. Most of the girls (there is one boy, but come on) adore her. The best testament to her genius is that even surly teenagers who were taught by her still clearly respect and admire her. StepLadder listens in her class and visibly tries to do what Miss Lilly wants every second she is in that room. As we were walking out, she was still practicing her skip, and asking me if her toe was in the right place. It’s a great inspiration to see someone who can get that level of effort out of her students.

I read and prepared for my classes next week, in a leisurely way, and marked midterms. These offered a very clear divide between those who had done the reading and had something sensible to say, and those who had not, and did not. Marking provided very little hilarity or entertainment, although there was the gem from the chap who maintained that The Tempest could not be read as a text about colonisation because Caliban married Miranda.

I spent some time catching up on and following this business about Anonymous and the Co$, which I find fascinating, and may well write something more informed about at some point. For those of you who are all, “Wait, whut?” SJ has a summary on Blogher. For those of you who, like me, are more in it for the lulz (as Anonymous say they are, which would totally make me side with them, if I did not already), you can get all you need to know from this video.

Other things: I made a learned to use the video editing software on the mac, a bit, and made some videos of StepLadder disappearing, to amuse her; I edited a very silly video for a friend and bullied Feckless into doing the soundtrack; I wrote a silly story for another online community I am involved in (and NO, I am not linking you); I got caught up on my sleep; I watched a bunch of Muppets episodes because I got Season 1 of The Muppet Show on DVD for V-Day; I knitted quite a bit of a lace shawl; I played some games; I caught up with some friends and family, and I wrote this post. Things I did not do: get my hair or nails done, or any significant housework. All in all, an awesome week. I feel refreshed for the battle ahead.

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