Proud Parenting Moment

This morning, while I was procrastinating about getting up, doing some reading and chatting online from bed and enjoying the coffee Feckless had just brought me, Stepladder came in to tell us about her dream. She was describing how, in the dream, instead of houses behind the bus stop, there was a meadow with deer, and a forest with other animals, which she was listing: coyotes, wolves, and so on, until she got to badgers.

“Wait a minute,” said Feckless, “There are no badgers here. How could there have been badgers?” This is the kind of people we are; we nitpick dreams for zoological accuracy. Stepladder got into it a bit with him, but since her arguments were based on the premise “there were, I just know,” she wasn’t making much headway. Stalemate, with Stepladder developing something of a mulish look on her face, and wandering off to her room.

Feckless went to do some important computer work in the study (apparently involving learning what a camel toe is, thank you SJ for enlightening him), and I stayed in bed, mainly because I want to steal A Year of Living Biblically from him (one of the worst breaches of etiquette is taking someone’s new book before he is finished reading it – if I am going to be so heinous, I have to at least show some finesse).

A little while later, Stepladder came bounding into the bedroom. “There are badgers! I knew it! It says so in this book!” I was delighted. “You mean, you went and found the information that shows you were right? I am so proud of you. Run and tell Daddy right now that you did research to show he was wrong and you were right.” So she did, and then we did a little “I pwnt Daddy” dance. So now she’s thinking that maybe she will be an animal researcher when she grows up, as well as an artist.

My 7 year old knows how to do research to support her arguments. Put this one in the parenting win column. I think it quite balances out the other day when she poured herself a big glass of the vodka I was running through the Brita in preparation for making limoncello, and took a big gulp before complaining that “something is wrong with the water”.

2 thoughts on “Proud Parenting Moment

  1. Liz

    Around here I wait for the menfolk to fall asleep snoring over the new books and comic books, then gently twitch them out from underneath like Pippin and Gandalf and the Palantir. I got “Everlasting Empire” last night out of Rook, and “Polly and the Pirates” off a hapless Moomin. Then for the ultimate pwning I finish the book that same night so as to crow with delight about how much they’ll love the ending.


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