Okay, I think my head asplode.

As you might have noticed, if you have been reading my blog since the beginning loyal readers, I am very fond of Chaucer, both in his real and blog incarnations. And you may also have noticed, along with less loyal readers, who come here via Cheeseburger, that I am also fascinated by lolcats. These didn’t seem to be tastes that in any way intersected, but what the hell, this is my blog, and I said I would write about things I like and things that interest me.

Apparently, a liking for medieval poetry and cat macros not that rare a combination, and when put together, it results in Chaucer deciding he can hath cheezburger. He called them lolpilgrim, but some wag in the comments suggested Lollards, which is so much funnier.


Feckless’ immediate reaction to seeing the Lollard pictures was to ask “Did you do that?” meaning, did I mention lolcats to Chaucer. Which is flattering, but no. I did mention them to some other medievalists, though. Unusually, I didn’t find the post by checking Chaucer’s blog (although I do this very frequently), but because I was reading another blog. What delights me is the idea of the synergy, I think. This is partly about the lolcat phenom, but it is also about blogging and the community of ideas. So much awsum.

3 thoughts on “Okay, I think my head asplode.

  1. A Girl Gone Mad

    I have a very naughty crush on Edward Plantagenet, Black Prince of Wales and son of Edward II, who was contemporaneous with Chaucer… I got into the whole Plantagenet affair when I read Chaucer: His Life, His Works, His World (I believe it’s called, it’s on my bookshelf but that is in the other room and I am in a cocoon on the living room floor) and I am sure you’ve read it but I rather like it as it is one of the most intriguing looks into 1300ish British and French culture that I’ve ever found. Before I had localized my obsession to the Tudors, but all because of Chaucer, I’m now back to 12 something with the British monarchy, and it’s rather pathetic.

    He’s not REAL, GGM, and he certainly wouldn’t be James Purefoy if he were. Ahem.

    Anyway, lovely book if you’ve not read it. If you have, what’d you think? And lolcats are key to my very survival. We’ve debated starting an Anti-Patriarchylol thread/category on my blog, wherein we IMPACT FONT pictures to say things like “I r in ur erlee childhud educashun, soshalizin all ur dohterz” or “I r in ur patreeyarkey, hittin all ur menz.” The ones over photos of Andrea Dworkin could be really awesome, I think.

    That was a post in itself. Regardless, the stalking is complete, as I’ve blogrolled you, and you’ll never get away now.

  2. thecoollibrarian

    I put this very image on my library blog – because I thought it was freakin’ fantastic – and not one person commented on it. Which just leads me to believe that I am not, in fact, the COOL Librarian….

    Oh, I was directed to your blog by SJ – and I love it!



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